Friday, August 26, 2011


So the picture above describes exactly how I'm feeling right now. It's 6:35 a.m. EDST or EST however you want to put it, and I can't sleep due to the pain I'm experiencing from the accident. For those of you who have never been in an accident (I'm jealous) let me describe it to you.

Doug and I dropped his mother off at home. We headed toward interstate and got on the entrance ramp. Doug was driving. We were talking and minding our own business when suddenly, we seen what could only be described as a large pile of what was left of a tire that could have only escaped from an eighteen wheeled semi truck. I managed to scream, "Oh God," followed by more screaming as we careened about the two lane highway. The car finally came to a stop in the grassy area in the middle. The tires were smoking. I could smell the rubber burning off of them. The next thing I knew Doug was out of the car with a small flashlight, surveying any damage. A police car pulled up behind us, and the officer gproduced his own flashlight to check on us. (He was a really nice man compared to the police officers we have dealt with in the past.) He and Doug went around the car several times and neither of them could see anything wrong. The officer instructed us to notify the insurance company if we find any damage to the car or ourselves, then he made sure we could actually drive off before he returned to his vehicle. Luckily, the car was fine for driving, so Doug got us safely back onto interstate, and we proceeded to the 29th street exit. We took route 60 all the way home, both of us in shock, pain, and on the way home, I find out that the force was hard enough to make my nose run profusely. (I thought it was bleeding.)

I stepped inside our apartment while Doug remained outside to do another inspection of the vehicle. I did the usual routine, checked on the kitties, went to the loo, then to the bedroom to change into my pajamas. I saw some change that had fallen out of my jeans from the other day, so I scooped it up to put it into my wallet. I grabbed the wallet and noticed that there's blood all over my hand. Naturally, the first thing I do is check my body to see where the source of the bleeding is. I spun around in front of a full length mirror, but was unable to find a source to explain the blood. At first, panic rose from deep within me. I did my best to remain calm. I took a seat and decided to look through my purse to see if I bled on anything else. I started pulling things out of my purse. Everything was covered in it, but as I got to the bottom of my purse, I realized what had happened. There was a red pen inside my purse that had exploded. I'm not sure if the force of the vehicle careening wildly on the interstate caused it to explode or if it was just coincidental because the ink was dripping off of the items in my purse, which is why I thought it was blood. I did not stop to think the red substance was anything else. I did not note that the substance lacked the consistency of blood, nor was it particularly warm or sticky. I was still under the effects of trauma.

As for injuries, Doug has a bruise on his left side from where the seat belt locked up as he hit the brakes. He is complaining of pain in that general area. My seat belt did not lock, which was surprising, and I felt myself sliding in and out while the seat belt was still buckled around me as we careened into the grassy area. I have a horrible headache and my upper back, shoulders and neck hurt. I also think I sprained my left ankle, and I'm having trouble writing with my right hand. And we didn't even hit another car. Ironic, isn't it?

I may try to work on my book or maybe read a few pieces on the Houston Chronicle's Good Mom, Bad Mom blog with Mindy Sterba and Jenny Lawson until I fall asleep. Whatever I do, I just hope neither one of us has to end up going to the ER later. Looks like I'll be riding that Tylenol pony once again.

Until Whenever...


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Virginia Earthquake

The Dancing House [Prague, Czech Republic]

I was in the process of posting a blog when the bed began to shake and the doors swung in and out, creaking eerily as they did, cell phone service has been knocked out in some areas, including Newark Delaware, where my mum lives, and this was just a 5.8 to a 6.1 magnitude earthquake. My house was dancing a bit, but Thank God it wasn't looking like the picture above, but it still does not change the fact that I am freaking out a bit.
The areas that felt the earthquake so far...Huntington, WV; Ashland, KY; Ironton, OH; Columbus, OH; Charlotte, NC; Connecticut; NYC, New York (Even John F. Kennedy International Aiport has been shut down); South Point, OH; Newark, DE; Philadelphia, PA; Virginia Beach, VA; Williamsburg VA; Windsor in Canada; Detroit, MI; New England; Toronto; Parkville, MD; and so far, it is the largest recorded earthquake in the history of Virginia since May 5th of 1887. The North Anna nuclear power plant in North Anna. VA just shut down both of its reactors. Buildings in Washington DC have been evacuated. No injuries have been reported, but it was strong enough to cause things to fall in houses in certain areas of the East Coast.
The Manhattan District Attorney's press conference reguarding Dominique Strauss-Kahn was interrupted by the strong quake...
On You Tube, earthquake footage from a security camera in Parkville, MD is captured.
And if that is not enough, Hurricane IRENE should be tearing up the east coast any time now. And I thought I lived in a safe area of the states...

Update... 3:00 p.m. EST
A mile away from my mother & Arlene's home in Bear, Delaware, things were falling off of walls. Fox News reported that the Washington Monument may have tilted.

Fall Has Got To Be Better Than This...

Schwetzingen, Germany

I know, I know, I keep whinging on about Fall and I apologize, it's just that so many stressful things are just going on continually. For one, I'm sick...not sure what I managed to contract, but I got something that has totally weakened me. Then there's this horrid weather and it is making me weary as well. Then the constant struggle with the utility companies and I've been turned down for three jobs. (I've never been turned down for a job before, even ones I didn't particularly want.) Our cable and internet is going to be shut off tomorrow. (I don't care much about the cable because I'm usually working on my book and only watch television to help me to fall asleep, but I need the internet.) Then there's my father-in-law. That's the big one. That's the most stressful situation of the lot of them. If you haven't read my post, Intoxicated by Memories and Feelings, here's the link to it below.
The post explains the entire situation about my father-in-law.
Blogging will commence later. We just had an earthquake and this area is not one to be subject to earthquakes. It was a 6.1 and I'm freaking out a bit. I felt my bed shake and the doors swung in and out. Please pray, we may be getting after shocks.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Dream of Fall...

Here is a collection of Fall pics to get me, and others who appreciate this beautiful season, in the mood to hear the sound of leaves crunching underneath my feet!

Worthersee, Austria


Paris- Jardin des Tuileries

Reykjavík, Iceland

Krakow, Poland

Gatchina, Russia

I know this isn't a Fall picture, but I can't wait for cooler Fall weather so I can wear trendy boots!

Old Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Provence, France


Jeans, hats, and tees on a warm day. (*sighs* I wish I looked like that. In order for my tummy to look nonexistent, I would have to wear scary, stomach holding in panties. There, I said it!)

Tuindorp,Utrecht, Netherlands

Mist in London (It ALWAYS seems like Fall in London.)

Ramsau, Bavaria, Germany

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Gordes, France

Ullswater, Lake District, England

Fall Fashions!!!

This can’t-miss Mulberry cocktail dress, with its deep v-neck and 70s glamour, would take you from the dance floor to the holidays (and back again). From the Mulberry Pre-Fall 2011 collection, $1,800, at

Prague - The bridges

The Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge, England


Thank You, Lori!

I received my package from Lori ( yesterday, but I have been so busy with the Perry Stone Conference, that I did not have a chance to thank her, so Lori, if you're having a dekko at my blog, I'm saying thank you for my Vileda Cleaning Set. My husband was quite impressed that everything, including the children's book, which I am sending to my five month old nephew, so my brother and sister-in-law can read it to him, was all made in Australia. How cool is that? Very...

Thank you so much, Lori. I look forward to the Jeans for Genes prize pack!

(Here is what my happy dance sort of looked like when I got my package.)


September 15th is R U OK?Day in Australia.

I know, you're thinking, "What is R U OK?Day and what does Australia have to do with me?" The answer is that it is imperative to check in with your loved ones, be it family or friends, in any country, especially if you have probable cause or a reliable resource that informs you about a loved one being discouraged or depressed, maybe feeling hopeless, thinking that things are not going to get any better; maybe they're weary or tired of the routine. Whatever the case may be, offering to listen may be all that friend/loved one needs to get the encouragement he or she needs. As a writer, I do believe that an exchange of words can change, even save a life. On September 15th, whatever country you're currently residing in, ask your friends/loved ones the question, "R U OK?"

What is R U OK?Day?
Thursday 15 September, 2011

Thursday 15 September, 2011 is R U OK?Day. A national day of action that aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to connect with someone they care about and help stop little problems turning into big ones.

On that day we want everyone across the country, from all backgrounds and walks of life, to ask family, friends and colleagues: "Are you OK?".

Staying connected with others is crucial to our general health and wellbeing. Feeling isolated or hopeless can contribute to depression and other mental illnesses, which can ultimately result in suicide. Regular, meaningful conversations can protect those we know and love.

It's so simple but in the time it takes to have a coffee, you can start a conversation that could change a life.

How to start a R U OK? conversation

Keeping in touch with others is crucial for our health and wellbeing, helping us to cope with stressful events. And having regular, meaningful conversations is simple; you don't need special training to do it. Here are some helpful pointers from Lifeline to help you connect with someone you think may be doing it tough.

Five top tips
Take the lead, show initiative and ask:
"Are you OK?"

Put the invitation out there: "I've got time to talk"

Maintain eye contact and sit in a relaxed position - positive body language will help you both feel more comfortable

Often just spending time with the person lets them know you care and can help you understand what they're going through

Use ice breakers

Use open-ended questions such as "So tell me about...?", which require more than a "yes" or "no" answer

You may also like to use the following questions to start a conversation:

  1. "You know, I've noticed that you've seemed really down/worried/stressed for a long time now. Is there anyone you've been able to talk to about it?"
  2. "Lots of people go through this sort of thing. Getting help will make it easier"
  3. "I hate to see you struggling on your own. There are people that can help. Have you thought of visiting your doctor?"
Practice your listening skills

Listen to what a person is saying, be open minded and non-judgemental - sometimes, when someone wants to talk, they're not always seeking advice, but they just need to talk about their concerns

Be patient - let the person take their time

Avoid telling someone what to do: it is important to listen and try to help the other person work out what is best for them

Be encouraging

Encourage physical health. Maintaining regular exercise, a nutritious diet and getting regular sleep helps people to cope in tough times

Encourage the person to seek professional help from their family doctor, a support service or counsellor, or a mental health worker

Encourage self-care. Sometimes people need to be encouraged to do more to look after their own needs during a difficult time

Be helpful

What not to do when trying to help someone. It is unhelpful to:

  1. Pressure them to "snap out of it", "get their act together" or "cheer up"
  2. Stay away or avoid them
  3. Tell them they just need to stay busy or get out more
  4. Suggest alcohol or drugs
  5. Assume the problem will just go away

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Take a look at this chart. What do you think? Which one do you believe you will benefit from? Why? Think about it before you make a decision, and post your decision and why. I will explain the pros and cons of each wing in my next blog...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Take...

On Fruit...

You should always share. (I am so jealous right now...)

On Fall...

Krakow, Poland

I can't wait until Fall! (I'm so going to Poland now...right now!!!!)

On Nice Days...

You should always go for a walk...

On Exercise...

That is, if you want arms like these… or these… OR THESE!

Well, maybe I could use a little help…

That's about how I feel after working out.

On Fashion...

I never know what to wear...

On Shoes...

You can never have too many.

On Mini Breaks...

Tempio di Diana. Genoa. Italy

If you can't go somewhere like this, why take a mini break at all?

On Panic Attacks...

FEAR is...


That looks real to me.

On Relaxing...

If you have nothing to do...then relax. It's as simple as that (for some of us...unless you have OCD that is).

On High School...

It's over. Grow up...

On Love...

Sometimes, it seems overrated, but at the end of the day, it's so rewarding.

On Freedom...

You gotta come out of your cage sometime...

On Learning...

Some lessons are just not worth the trouble...

On old sitcoms...

On Angry Birds...

Have a wonderful day!